Response Letter!

I am not being aggressive about my attacks at HUST, I am just too direct about exposing the loopholes of the medical educational system at HUST. I understand why you are defending HUST maybe you are freshmen or sophomore student at HUST so you pretty haven’t experienced about the negative side of the medical education system there. I am almost about to finish my studies at HUST when I decided to quit but I do not regret it. It is better to leave rather than wasting my time there. Well, everyone is entitled to his/her opinion so I respect your ideas but it does not mean I am accepting it.

By the way, I would like to correct what was written before on how many Thai students left, not only 5 students left, as of the moment, there are around 30 Thai students who have left already and it is expected that there will be more in the coming weeks as most of them are waiting for their admission letters in medical schools in other countries. If you have taken higher statistics courses, I also did, so basically I know what I am talking about so you do not need to explain what statistics is!

Those Thai students who have left HUST are not necessarily friends. They just realized that staying at HUST will not make them a licensed doctor in Thailand because of the poor quality of medical educational system they offer and a perfect example of this are the teachers at HUST! Those who have left come from different levels. When they chose to leave together, it means to say that they share the same ideas and perspective about the substandard educational quality at HUST, it is not being bias. As a matter of fact, I have talked to some students who are in their last years and they regret staying at HUST. They said they are already in year 5 but it seems they haven’t learned anything.

By the way, what is your basis that the Thai students who left are close friends. Are they your friends? Do you know what is going on with them? Do you think all those 30 students from year 1 to year 4 are friends? I doubt if you really know them very well!

Maybe you haven’t gone to the affiliate hospitals of HUST, like Tongji hospital and Union hospital, go and check it so you’ll know what I am talking about. If you are really knowleadgable about the standard medical practices, you’ll know what I am saying. Prior to studying medicine, I worked in a hospital so I have enough knowledge to identify the medical malpractices in their affiliate hospitals. If you need some video evidences about the malpractices of some of the medical professionals at Tongji Hospital and Union Hospital, just let me know and I can share it to you!

The people who quit at HUST are not freak. They are just smart enough to save themselves earlier rather than wasting their time and their parents money studying at HUST. Studying abroad needs a lot of money so we have to be careful about the school that we are choosing. We are amenable that studying at HUST is the biggest mistake that we have done for our career building but it is not yet too late to quit and to start all over again. It took us time to decide and to consider all factors before quitting. We were objective in weighing the advantages and disavantages of studying at HUST but sadly, disadvantages overpower the advantages, so we decided to leave. If you really want to be a great doctor and do not just have the mentality of finishing medical education, I think you’ll be critical in considering all factors towards being a successful doctor in the future.
I asked those other Thai people to ask those Thai students studying at HUST about the quality of education because we know what we need to pass and what we need to have when we go back to Thailand to practice as doctors. Unfortunately, HUST doesn’t satisfy the things and the professional knowledge that we need in order to be a certified doctor in Thailand. I won’t be saying all these facts if I do not have strong evidences to support my arguments.
The bottomline is that HUST violated what is in the admission letter they have given us. In the admission letter, it was stated that the sole medium of instruction is English. But it turns out that they gave us teachers who don’t even speak decent English!

I do not want to use the words attacking HUST. I think it is better to use the words “exposing the anomalies of the medical education at HUST”. I am doing all these things because I want to save all those future Thai students who want to study there. I do not think studying medicine at HUST is difficult, actually I did a thorough research and found out that HUST MBBS curriculum is substandard compared to the curriculum of MBBS in other countries! The advertisement of HUST MBBS program is too good to be true. I was also a victim of that before!

My advice to those future students especially Thai students wanting to study MBBS at HUST, please go and check the school and its affiliate hospitals first. You need to make a thorough research about the school. Don’t be carried away with the advertisements that you see, oftenly, there are more lies than truth in advertisement. Do not pay the tuition fees to the agency/school until you are decided to finally study there, otherwise, you’ll have difficult time refunding your money once you decide not to pursue your studies there. Studying abroad needs a lot of money, a lot of sacrifices and a lot of hardwork, so please make a smart decision in choosing the right medical school for you! I have learned my lessons and I do not want you to experience what I have gone through!

Finally, to all Thai students at HUST, to all prospective students and to all parents, I am not trying to persuade you to believe me. You have to weigh all factors objectively! I have written all these things for you to ponder whether to study at HUST or not. I just hope you’ll use your wisdom in judging and deciding what is best for you or for you loved ones, not just for your career but for the future of the medical system in our country. I will leave a famous quotation by ***** Russell for you to reflect on, “The hardest thing to learn in life is which bridge to cross and which to burn. Good decisions come from experience and experience comes from bad decisions.”
I do not want to say so much things anymore. I feel that I have shared everything that I know, so it is up for you guys to decide.

Thank you very much and I wish you success in your chosen fields of endeavors!