Hi, Im really glad you showed me this. Actually, there has been a lot of this sort of thought going around in my class lately. In fact, last week, 5 thai students left back for thailand.
(Wow, 5 students left  – there must be something wrong with the school)

There are many opinions on this matter, but I’ll just give you mine. Perhaps you can also ask more Thai people.
(You can ask more thai people and you will know even much worst issues about HUST educational system.)

Every year there goes around what is called “HUST rumors”, where another rumor pops up about the quality of this school and people get scared. This has happened many times over the past years and our teachers and Mr. Peter, the coordinator has cleared it up many times.
(You mean every year there is a rumor about the quality of medical education at HUST? Well, if it is every year, then there is really something wrong. Remember, rumor starts when there is a problem or if they have seen something not right!)

Of course, then the next year, a new rumor pops up. This is the first year that such rumors popped up among the Thai people. Unfortunately, many people did not consult the teachers and just decided to leave.
(It is the first year that this rumor popped up among Thai students because the most senior Thai students at HUST are already in year 4. During year 4, observation in the hospital is a part of the curriculum. When they observed in the hospital, it was only the time they realized the worst part of medical practices in your affiliate hospitals. The cooperating doctor teachers in your hospitals barely speak English. The Chinese they have learnt is totally different from the Chinese medical terms that the doctors are using in the hospital. Who do you think will not go crazy in this manner??)

I have done a little research and talked to students and teachers and this is the conclusion that I have come up with:
(Make sure your research is credible and not bias!)

1. Many students are scared that the degree in English from this school will not be accepted in Thailand. It has been proved otherwise. The Thai Medical Council actually came in the past years and inspected Tongji and this university and wrote a letter said how ‘advanced’ this technology was and how it surely would give thai students ‘outstanding’ quality of education. If you wish to view this letter, you may ask our coordinator, for he showed me himself.
(Well, actually because your school is really good at turning black into white, means your school is good at hiding the real facts. Remember no matter how you hide something, in time, it will surely come out and discovered!)

2. As for the English, I am surprised that people are complaining so much. This school is certainly a great school in Asia and China. If people are looking for 100% quality English, I suggest that they should otherwise go to a school in an ENGLISH SPEAKING COUNTRY. It is unfair to come to a school knowing that the whole of China speaks in Chinese, that most teacher would most likely be chinese, and yet still expect 100% english.
(We know that in China definitely the language is Chinese, however, in the admission letter you have given your students, it says that the medium of instruction is English. How can you explain that? Don’t you think it is a form of cheating your students? Why there is a sudden shift from pure English instruction to bilingual instruction? Is it because you have difficulty hiring teachers who speak good English? In order not to be obvious about your problems hiring quality teachers, you give excuses such as shifting the language into a full Chinese will benefit your students etc… Now tell me, how will the Thai students benefit from it? Will they keep on speaking Chinese when they go back in Thailand to practice as doctors? Will they use Chinese in answering the questions in Thai Medical Licensure Exam? Maybe you do not know that in Thailand, the languages used in hospitals are English and Thai! )

Coming from an english speaking country, I admit that SOME of the the teachers (not necessarily all) have funny pronounciations, but it is not something that is misleading. Should the student listen in class properly and read their textbooks, I see no reason why a student should get confused between ‘cornea’ and ‘korea’.
(Do you know the difference of Korea and Cornea? Korea is a country and Cornea is a part of the eye! Now, tell me that it is not misleading. Remember, that most of the students in your school / Thai students are not native English speakers. They are not familiar with the pronunciation of these words! It means they are not aware which is the proper pronunciation of the medical terms, in which, they will follow and rely to the teacher. In Thailand, medical tourism is booming now. In the future if we become doctors in Thailand and we keep saying ‘Korea “ instead of “Cornea”, do you think the patient will understand us? Where would be our credibility as doctors?” These are basic things that a medical professor should know. You do not need to be very fluent in English to know the proper pronunciation of medical terms. If you push the students to learn Chinese, you should also push your medical professors to be prepared and to know how to pronounce the medical terms in English before going to class!

To get 100% english quality, I suggest going to another country. Of course, that also means paying much higher prices.
(Yes, do not worry about that we really plan to transfer to an English speaking country to study medicine. It is more expensive but we are sure of the quality of education.)

China is well worth the price, I feel.
(Yes, China is worth the price. It is absolutely true. You pay cheaper tuition fee and in return , you also get cheap quality medical education!)

And I am quite content with the english. Even when I lived in American, many different teachers pronounced scientific words differently,
(In America, they pronounce different scientific words differently but they are still in the context of so called “standard English pronounciation”It means they pronounce differently but the meaning is still the same. Try to say Korea instead of Cornea in America and ask the Americans if the meaning are the same!’)

but it just takes one google search to find the right pronounciation.
(Don’t you think it is the primary responsibility of the teacher to know the proper pronounciation of the medical words? A teacher should be ready before going to class! Remember wrong input to students will affect the next and next generations because they will keep on passing these wrong concepts.)

This is not something that would make me leave a college.
(If this is something that won’t make you leave Tongji then it is your choice but remember regret always comes at the end!?)

3. Tongji is a well known hospital that has been around for more than a century (literally). The two hospitals that are owned by the school are also the top two hospitals in the state. This is common knowledge that you can ask random Chinese people as well and they will know. according to ranks, 2012?????_??, our school is top 5 in all of China.
(If you say Tongji is a top hospital in China, then should I be scared? If Tongji hospital is top, how about the quality of smaller hospitals? Tongji hospital and Union hospital just look nice outside but when you get inside you will think whether you are in a hospital, storage room, casino, supermarket or bus terminal! The following facts are for you to ponder whether it suits the term “top hospital:
– In Tongji hospital and Union hospital, most of the English names of the departments are misspelled or terms wrongly used!
– People spit everywhere in the hospitals!
– When you go for a consultation, there is no sense of privacy for the patient. Other people watch as the doctor examines you!
– Some doctors/medical practitioners working in the hospital wear dirty uniforms. Instead of white medical uniform, it turns to a dirty white or brown uniform!
– Some doctors examine patient without wearing hand gloves or even washing his hand! I have an encounter where the doctor put his hand in the mouth of a patient without washing his hands! Makes me feel I want to vomit!
– If you are a foreign patient and you consult with a doctor, doctor can not even tell your sickness/disease in English medical terms!
-Poor sanitary practices, trashes are everywhere in the hospital vicinity

To sum it up, Tongji hospital and Union hospital lack system. The doctors in Union hospital and Tongji hospital are not even aware of who are the medical student observers when you go there! Now tell me, is this a good training ground for future doctors?

Here, the Chinese teachers teach in mostly chinese so that we can improve our speaking and listening.
(What is the use for Thai medical students? Are we going to speak Chinese when we go back to Thailand? Are we going to write the medical reports in Chinese when we go back to Thailand? If you were only very honest to us before that the medium of instruction is not English then we should have not enrolled at HUST. It is a clear violation of the admission letter that you gave us, which stated that the medium of instruction is English.)

Many people do not like the fact that we have to learn medicine in both chinese and english.
(It is not about learning both Chinese and English. We did not say we do not like it.The question here is the promise you wrote in the admission letter that the sole medium of instruction is English! It is hard to be learning medicine at the same time learning a new language. Instead of focusing your attention in learning medical principles, your attention will be divided with learning a foreign language!) 

To be honest, I believe that it is up to the student. You rarely see the top students complaining about little things like this. In the end, it all depends on your hard work. And even if you are in the worst school, if you work hard on your own, you will do well on your country’s medical examination and will become a good doctor.
(How can you work hard on your own if you are not able to learn the appropriate medical principles in your school? I would rather study in a school which is strict even if I fail many subjects rather than studying in a school with low quality of education, where it is uncertain whether I can get a doctor license after graduating!)

I am not planning to stay in China and work here, but I am still very thankful for this opportunity to learn medicine in both english and chinese. Both are the most common languages in the world, and it is incredible to think that I will be able to speak in medical terms in both languages. In my opinion, this makes me a better doctor because I feel that if you know the language, you can connect with patients better.
(Well, you are right Chinese is one of the most commonly spoken languages in the world! But do you think I’ll use it oftenly in the hospital when I go back to my country? Will I be speaking Chinese when I treat patients? Will I be writing medical reports in Chinese? When HUST offers international medical education program, they should make sure that the education quality suits international medical education standards and not only Chinese medical standards, after all, we won’t be practicing in China!)

Of course, this is still my own opinion. There are still many MANY thai students here, and the school really likes thai people because they are hard working. So if there was something so wrong with this school, I’m sure many more would have left by now.
(Yes, Thai people are hardworking that is why we can not accept that we get nothing for studying here. Imagine how difficult it is to be away from your family, missing important family occasions but in return we got nothing for our sacrifices! Actually, more Thai students will leave, they are just waiting for their admission letters in medical schools in other countries where they have applied, so do not be confident in saying that only few students will leave!) 

If you feel that the person who is coming here will have trouble with all these points I pointed out, then perhaps it would be better to go to a thai university. I know that there are a couple students who have been writing bad things about the school because they are unhappy (yet they do not leave -.-), but I, who have come from studying in america, am pretty content here.
(Do not say that a couple of students are writing bad about the school because they are writing facts about the school! There is a clear distinction between the words “bad” and “fact”. What students are writing are facts, based from evidences they have gathered and based from experiences they had in the school, so it is inappropriate to say “bad” words! By the way, are you sure that these students who are saying factual things about HUST haven’t left?? Please verify it first before writing or else it will be branded as hearsay! )

@ang3l. yes Dalian is also a good university. But I would also like to point out that it is not necessarily better than HUST. It depends on the needs of the person. I have a friend who studies in Dalian and is planning to restart at HUST because he did not like the quality of education and long hours of study. Perhaps for some people long hours is better, it just really depends on the person I think.
(To @ang31, better go back to your country if you plan to study at HUST, please do not waste your time or before studying at HUST better see the school and Tongji hospital first, then decide whether you want to study there or not! Try to see how “WORLDCLASS” their hospital is, lol! Try to see how clean their hospital there where there is no clear hospital policies and people spitting everywhere” 

By the way, as a conclusion, I do not think this article was written by an American student. I have stayed for such a long time at HUST and I do not think there is an American student here. Besides, I do not think Americans will study in your school as medical students considering the poorly structured curriculum you have, the quality of teachers you have and the kind of practices in your affiliate hospitals! If this article was written by  a  so called “American student” if he/she really exist, I do not think he/she would be very knowledgeable about these issues! It seems the writer of this letter knows so many things about HUST! If you think that by pretending as an American student your letter will be very credible and will let other believe what you have written, you are totally wrong! I wasn’t born yesterday not to identify which is a fake letter from a real one!

P.S. Next time, when you write comments/letter, please make sure it is convincing and believable that you are a student! As I’ve said, I was not born yesterday! If your letter is logically analyzed, I would conclude that indeed it was not written by a student!