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May 5, 2012

To Whom It May Concern:


My dear schoolmates, I know that at this very moment some of you are angry or dissatisfied with what I am saying or doing regarding the school. I do not blame you for saying those offensive words to me because you are entitled to your opinion/ideas. However, before you judge me, I hope you are clear with whom you are supporting and you know all the details before you say something. I hope you judge and weigh both sides objectively. I do not have bad intentions in revealing all the anomalies or weaknesses of the school. I am doing this because I want to fight for the rights of Thai medical students at Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Wuhan, China. I am already a 4th year MBBS student so basically, I know and I have experienced so much in this university. I do not want you to experience the bad things that I have experienced. Exposing all these things is my way to help you.

I have received comments such as I am complaining because I did not study Chinese medical terms seriously. Some even said that I am in China, so I should not expect a pure English class. In this manner, I would like to clarify myself. In the admission letter that was given to me, it was stated that English will be used as a medium of instruction. I am not expecting for very fluent English speaker medical teachers and I am not expecting for 100% English classes. However at least, teachers should be able to pronounce English medical terms correctly, for example, a teacher at Tongji pronounces the word “Cornea as Korea”, which I think is very misleading to us students. I am not expecting for perfect teachers but at least they have to make sure that the input that they give to students are right. Condering the sumptuous amount of money we pay at HUST, I think we deserve to have quality teachers.

I am not a perfect student and I have to admit that I have failed 3 subjects. I have also my weaknesses. Maybe, you are seeing this as the root or cause of my sentiments with the school. Whether the language of instruction for the classes is English, Chinese or bilingual if you did not study your lessons well you will still fail.

I do not put so much emphasis on the medium of instruction used in the classes. However, as future doctors, we have to be familiar with medical English terms. When we go back to our country to practice as doctors, we will not be using Chinese. We will be using Thai and English. Yes, here, we have mastered Chinese medical terms, knows how to give diagnosis in Chinese but do not know how to do it in English or Thai, do you think it make sense? In Thailand, medical diagnosis are written in English/Thai. Thai Medical Licensure Exam uses Thai and English as medium of questioning. If we are only familiar with Chinese medical terms and not so much with English , do you think we will have great chances of passing it?

I know not everybody will agree with my ideas and I respect you for that. For those people who still believe me and shares the same ideas as me, I hope I have given you enough insights.

This maybe my last reply to all your messages. I have decided to pursue my medical studies in other country. For those who will stay and keep studying at Huazhong University, I hope you great success in your endeavors as doctors. For those who will leave, I wish you success too.

For those future medical students who want to pursue studies overseas, this is my advice, “ Do not trust education agencies so much and advertisements that you see. Most of agencies concern with the money they will get and care less about the quality of schools they are promoting. After all, it is business! When choosing a school or country to study, you have to personally check/inspect the schools and its affiliate hospitals. You have to do thorough research about the school and country.” Some of the factors that you have to consider in searching for a school are the following: competetiveness of Thai medical graduates in that school, the passing rate of Thai medical graduates who studied in that school in the Thai Medical Licensure Exam, credibility of the school in your country, and the number of successful Thai doctors who studied in that school

Better do the application to foreign medical schools by yourself! It might be time consuming but at least you are sure of your school choice.

For those wishing to enroll at Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Tongji Medical College, why not come to Wuhan first, check the school and check its practice hospital/affiliate hospital whether it is really worldclass or not. Affliate hospitals reflects the teaching quality of medical schools. Yes, you will spend money to travel to Wuhan, China but the money you will spend is nothing compared to the money you will use if you choose the wrong school. In most cases advertisement is very deceiving!!

Thank you very much for reading this letter.

Best regards,

K. M.
MBBS Year 4 Student

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